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Branded Custom Voices​

Connect and engage across all your customer touchpoints,
with exclusive, humanlike branded voices.

AI voices to capture the right tone

Content Creation

Text-to-Speech makes your content more accessible

Speech Production

Produce your own audio files with our natural-sounding voices.


Enhance visual experience such as speech-synchronized facial animation


TTS can be a cheaper alternative for your book narration with natural-sounding voices.


Our TTS service can provide you with voice-over narration for your presentation or YouTube video

Phone Calls

Input your text, download the speech and add it to your IVR system in less than 5 minutes

Some of the best features

Text-to-Speech Converter


Over +840 Voices

Take your business to the next level with cutting-edge text-to-speech technology. Choose from a growing library of +840 voices

Over +135 Languages

Hear your words read in hundreds of different voices, Speak in +135 different languages and accents, powered by artificial intelligence!


Imagine a world where you can have an engaging and captivating presentation with voice-over narration. Our TTS service can provide you with voice-over narration for your presentation or, YouTube video.

Content Creation

TTS makes your content more accessible. Explore the many ways in which it can be used, from reading important announcements aloud or listening when you’re traveling abroad with your device – all while saving time and money!

Easy Setup

Make Voices For Your Multiple Projects

You can use Textospeech to create voiceovers for your:

Sales Videos

A good sales video in order to convert needs a trust-worthy voice. We offer a variety of SERIOUS voices that will capture your attention and win your confidence!

Training Videos

Various tests proved that people like FEMALE voices for training videos. Textospeech comes with a variety of FEMALE voices for your training or demo videos.

Educational Videos

Textospeech comes with all kind of voices that you can use for your educational videos.

or for any type of video!

TextoSpeech Works With Any Video Creation Software.

TextoSpeech exports audio files in MP3, WAV, OGG and WEB3 format, so you can easily use them in any project!

Hear Your Words Read In

Hundreds of Different Voices